My name is Hans Fjällemark. I am a freelancing developer & designer from Sweden.

About Me

Hans Fjällemark

My name is Hans Fjällemark, a husband of one and father of three, living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I am a developer, designer and mentor with a passion for crafting beautiful user interfaces and writing clean code. I started building and designing web sites at an age of 8 and have since then worked my way through various roles ranging from self-employed developer to VP Engineering and startup CTO.

A large portion of my professional career has been focused on .NET backend/UI and web development using various JavaScript frameworks. More recently, after enjoying what React and TypeScript brought to the front end ecosystem, I have found myself slowly transitioning towards Svelte, which is a delight to work with and build awesome web applications with. On the backend my currently preferred stack is Elixir, Phoenix and Postgres -- a rock solid trio of proven and reliable tech.

Professional Experience

Recent Projects


This is by no means a full list of skills but should give an idea my past experience and what technologies I am curious about. If you want a more comprehensive list, or if you have questions about specific technologies and frameworks, let's talk!

Skill Years of Experience Skill Level
Languages & Frameworks
Elixir / Phoenix 5+ Years Expert
Svelte 5+ Years Expert
Tailwind CSS 5+ Years Expert
Rust 2+ Years Entry Level
Elm 2+ Years Intermediate
Go 2+ Years Entry Level
React Native 2+ Years Experienced
NodeJS 10+ Years Expert
TypeScript 10+ Years Expert
React 10+ Years Expert
.NET / C# 10+ Years Expert
JavaScript 20+ Years Expert
HTML / CSS 20+ Years Expert
Applications & Soft Skills
Figma 2+ Years Experienced
Sketch 2+ Years Experienced
Leadership 5+ Years Experienced
Photoshop 20+ Years Expert
UX/UI Design 20+ Years Expert


You can always reach me on [email protected].